Sky Ridge Student Spotlight

Drayton Harvey: “I loved my time at Sky Ridge and was able to explore all my interests in medicine.  I was able to interact with the medical staff and learn from them.”

Drayton has been part of our Junior Volunteer program for three years.  He was selected as our initial “Pediatric Champion” in the Emergency Room and helped develop our pediatric role in the unit.  Currently, he is interning in the Spine & Total Joint operating room.

Jenny Tran: “I enjoyed the opportunity to explore the medical field in deciding which career to pursue in the future.  By observing the nurses and doctors I was able to learn how they handle all the patients they interact with.”

For the past three years Jenny has been a member of the Junior Volunteer program at Sky Ridge.  She was our volunteer trainer on the Mom/Baby floor and assisted with launching our Sky Ridge Internship program with the Labor &  Delivery unit.

Keirsha Thompson: “All the medical experience that the Sky Ridge volunteering program has provided me is quite astounding. Especially when one takes into account that I’m only a teenager!  Without Sky Ridge, I would have never delved into the medical profession so early.  Now I’m positive that this is the right career path for me and I’m eager to learn more.  Becoming a member of this program was worth the time and effort.  If I could do it again I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Keirsha spent two years with our Junior Volunteer program.  For the past year she served as our student volunteer trainer in the Emergency Room. She wants to pursue her interest in being a surgeon and was able to intern in our Spine & Total Joint operating room.

Student Spotlight

From left to right: Jenny Tran, Drayton Harvey and Keirsha Thompson