Employee Testimonials

Learn more about working at Sky Ridge Medical Center and our workplace culture by viewing the comments below from our dedicated employees!

Adam George

“The best thing about working here are the people. The expectations from staff are relatively high, and thus Sky Ridge tends to attract highly motivated, positive individuals. I really enjoy that culture.” – Adam George, Director of Rehab Services and the Sky Ridge Advanced Wound Care Center

“What keeps me working at Sky Ridge is the people with whom I work. The staff at Sky Ridge are so wonderful and helpful. They are all passionate about delivering great patient care and are open and willing to do whatever is needed to achieve that. Specifically, what keeps me at Sky Ridge are the oncology programs, particularly our Breast Program. I am so blessed to be able to work alongside the most talented, compassionate  physicians. Also, the support I receive from my Director all the way to Administration, creates an empowering environment that has been integral in helping our Breast Program get started as well as position it for the future.” – Christina Mullen, Breast Health Navigator

Christina Mullen
Ellen Kelly

“The people are amazing. It sounds so cliché but we really are like a family at Sky Ridge. The generosity and compassion of the hospital staff remind me that life is beautiful every day and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.” – Ellen Kelly, Food & Nutrition Services

“The best aspect of working at Sky Ridge is the people. The people who work here are not only amazing clinicians but they are caring people…both to their patients and their co-workers.” – Garrett Chism, Director of Trauma Services

Garrett Chism
Kathy Youel

"I think the best part of working at Sky Ridge is the friendliness…everyone greets you with a hello. I believe the employees are kind and caring not just to our patients but to each other, and are always willing to help each other." - Kathy Youel, CT


“Having a son who was born with birth defects, I have seen my share of hospitals.   Upon taking my position at Sky Ridge Medical Center, I have developed a deeper appreciation for the services that are provided by medical professionals and I would undoubtedly recommend Sky Ridge for care.  I am proud to be part of a team that exemplifies safety first and professionalism in the care and attention to patients.   In addition to the clinical aspect of care, the ancillary support such as Housekeeping, Food and Nutrition, Administration/Marketing, to name a few, continually go above and beyond to ensure the needs of patients and their families are being met.   For these reasons, and so many more, I would choose Sky Ridge first for the care of my loved one –and have!” – Norma Rochford, Environmental Services

Norma Rochford
Suzanne Blake

“Awesome leadership that empowers me to work harder each day! That's what makes working at Sky Ridge so wonderful.” – Suzanne Blake

“Knowing every day brings something different! I truly enjoy working at Sky Ridge as Patient Access Manager.  We have a great Admissions team that truly works hard to provide our patients with a “Beyond Expectations” experience.  Our goal is to register our patients in a professional and timely manner as well as ensure that all of their demographic and insurance information is accurate. We then escort every patient to the waiting area in which they will receive services.” – Michelle Duran, Admissions

Michelle Duran