Cirrissa's Weight Loss Surgery Success Story

Lost 175 Pounds

Cirrissa, Before Cirrissa, After

Where to start, where to start?? This year hasn’t been as successful as years past, but it was still a good experience. I started gaining some weight back, which honestly scared me. However, we’ll get to that part as I should first provide you with my background.

When I was considering surgery I weighed 375 pounds. I was 30-years-old with two business degrees from the University of Colorado, stuck in a dead-end, entry level job and facing a lay off for the second time in two years. I learned how superficial society is after the first layoff in 2008. I was a business analyst with 10 years of telecomm experience and managed as many as 208 people in two states and three call centers. When I secured a personal interview after multiple phone interviews and was then asked hard hitting questions such as “how was your drive, did you have trouble finding this location?” I knew there was a problem. The worst part of the experience was
watching the faces of people. They started upbeat and excited, but when they walked into the room every part of their demeanor changed. It was as if I had a disease and they were afraid if they stayed long they would “catch” being overweight. A woman I worked with had the lap band surgery and lost 60 pounds in the first year. I figured that I had tried everything else and if my company would pay for it before I was laid off, it was worth a try.

I had surgery in October 2010 and at my thinnest I had lost more than 200 pounds. By September of 2012, I weighed 171 pounds. At the same time, I broke my back in a serious car accident and was treated with steroids and other pain killers. During that time, I gain 30 pounds but couldn’t do much to get the weight off. It has been a year since my accident and I still have that 30 pounds, which brings me back to the beginning of being scared about gaining weight.

I started to doubt many aspects of my success. I wondered if I was going to end up back where I started. People don’t weigh 375 pounds overnight, it starts one pound at a time. Over the last six months, I honestly looked at this set back and thought I was a failure. However, Dr. Chae and Kelly have helped create an amazing support system with the Sky Ridge staff and I now realize what a success I truly am. The fact that I have been able to maintain 175 pounds of weight loss is an amazing accomplishment.

The hardest part of this journey is going to start in 2014. Right now, I still see myself as I looked in my before photos. I need to start the process of seeing myself as others do!!