Bone & Joint Surgeons at Sky Ridge Medical Center

Denver Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. James Ferrari, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverJames Ferrari, MD

"I am passionate about all aspects of sports medicine."                                                                                                     

Dr. Mark Fitzgerald, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverMark Fitzgerald, MD

"In addition to general orthopedic surgery, I specialize in sports medicine and sports related injuries."

Dr. John Garramone, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverJon Garramone, MD

"It is a wonderful opportunity to provide care for my patients in a beautiful, new state-of-the-art facility."

James W Genuario, MD, Orthopedic SurgeonJames W Genuario, MD
"Sky Ridge combines world-renowned clinical expertise with leading-edge research and surgical techniques to optimize patient outcomes."

Dr. Rob Greenhow, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverRob Greenhow, MD

"This is a world-class facility with which I am proud to be associated."

Dr. Harold Hunt, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverHarold Hunt, MD

"I chose to come to Colorado and Sky Ridge because this Center enables me to do a better job of rehabbing my patients."

Dr. Craig Loucks, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverCraig Loucks, MD

"Impressive minimally invasive technology is helping patients heal faster."

Joshua Metzl, MD, Orthopedic SurgeonJoshua Metzl, MD
"My goal is to cure foot and ankle pain so that patients can resume their daily activities and athletic pursuits."

Dr. Scott Resig, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverScott Resig, MD

"Consistency breeds greatness.  Having a dedicated team improves patient outcomes."
Anthony Sanchez, M.D., Orthopedic Surgon, Sky RidgeAnthony Sanchez, MD
"At Sky Ridge, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy life to the fullest. We work so you can play!"

Dr. John Xenos, Orthopedic Surgeon DenverJohn Xenos, MD

"Sky Ridge has a center of excellence mentality that benefits patients and their recovery."