Top Five Cancer Types Treated at Sky Ridge

Timeframe: 2013 (most recent data)

Top Five Cancers Treated at Sky Ridge

    1. Breast cancer
    2. Prostate cancer
    3. Colon/rectum cancer
    4. Lung cancer
    5. Bladder cancer

    Cancer Survival Rates at Sky Ridge by Stage

    Timeframe: 2008-2010 (most recent data)

    Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

    The Cancer Survival Rates for Sky Ridge presented here are based on data from 2003–2005; by 2008-2010 the above percentages reflect a five-year survival rate. Earlier detection, quality of care, dedicated cancer specialists on staff and patient demographics all play important roles for patients surviving cancer diagnosis and treatment.

    Note: The Cancer Survival Rates for Sky Ridge showing a "0%" represent that not enough cases were treated to give an accurate survival rate.