Top Five Cancer Types Treated at Sky Ridge

Timeframe: 2013 (most recent data)

Top Five Cancers Treated at Sky Ridge

    1. Breast cancer
    2. Prostate cancer
    3. Colon/rectum cancer
    4. Lung cancer
    5. Bladder cancer

    Cancer Survival Rates at Sky Ridge - All Stages

    Timeframe: 2005-2009 (most recent data)


    Cancer Survival Rates

    Patients treated for the five most frequent cancer types at Sky Ridge tend to do very well in comparison to national and regional cancer survival rates. Earlier detection, quality of care, dedicated cancer specialists on staff and patient demographics all play important roles for patients surviving cancer diagnosis and treatment.

    Note: The Cancer Survival Rates for Sky Ridge presented here are based on data from 2005–2009; all other organizations use data from 2003 (last year available with reported five-year follow up information).