Emergencies Don’t Wait… Neither Should You

HealthONE Hospitals, including Sky Ridge, are Posting ER Wait Times

A common complaint in hospital Emergency Departments is that patients don’t know how long they will have to wait before they are seen by a clinician. HealthONE hospitals, including Sky Ridge, now publicly post average wait times for each of its Emergency Departments on web sites, billboards, mobile applications, a phone line and in our hospitals. We are the first full system of hospitals to do this in Colorado.

Why Has HealthONE Decided to Post ER Wait Times?

We’ve decided to post our approximate wait times for several reasons. First, we want to give our patients the information they need to make an informed decision about their care and give them some personal control over their experience.

Blood Pressure Check

In addition to improving patient experience, this initiative addresses two of the most important factors that determine an emergency patient’s outcome: quality of care and the speedy delivery of that care. Our goal is to see adult patients in less than 30 minutes — far less than the national average of 60 minutes — and pediatric patients in less than 20 minutes. Sky Ridge has consistently been meeting or beating that target.

How Is ER Wait Time Calculated?

We have electronic trackers that assist us in following the flow of our patients and allow for accuracy. When a patient arrives in the ED, a professional will greet, triage and assess him or her. This is not the actual "wait time." The time we display is the point at which the patient arrives until he or she is seen by a qualified ED provider such as a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner to begin the treatment process. Our ED Wait Time will be updated every 30 minutes to reflect the average wait times over the last four (4) hours.

When combined with our quality and safety-improvement initiatives, our specialists can treat patients faster while meeting even higher patient-care standards.

Texting Service

  • Our 24/7 Emergency Rooms for adult and pediatric patients are prepared to serve your medical emergencies. Get our average ER Wait Times by texting “ER” to 23000. Standard message and data rates may apply.

Phone Service

  • Prefer to call? Just dial 720-523-3888 and enter your zip code, and you will receive our closest HealthONE ERs.