Percutaneous Abscess Drainage at Sky Ridge Medical Center

An abscess is collection of infected fluid in the body. In general, people who have an abscess experience fever, chills and pain in the approximate location of the area that is involved. If a patient has these symptoms, they may undergo an X-ray, CT scan or ultrasound, to assist in making the correct diagnosis. Once the diagnosis of an abscess has been made, an assessment is made by your doctor and an interventional radiologist to decide which therapy is appropriate. As long as it is deemed safe, percutaneous abscess drainage, a minimally invasive therapy, can be used to help abscess treatment.

Common Uses of Percutaneous Abscess Drainage

Percutaneous abscess drainage is generally used to remove infected fluid from the body, most commonly in the abdomen and pelvis. The abscess may be a result of recent surgery or secondary to an infection such as appendicitis. Percutaneous abscess drainage also may be used in the chest or elsewhere in the body.