Pediatric MRI at Sky Ridge Medical Center

Little GirlChildren are treated with love at Sky Ridge Medical Center. Children, especially young children, are not just miniature adults. They have different body proportions, different physiology (how the body works) and different cardiac and respiratory systems.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Sky Ridge Medical Center is here for you, providing the latest medical technology with the area's top pediatric health care providers. The spectrum of pediatric disorders varies greatly from those encountered in adults, providing an important role for the specialist in pediatric imaging. Congenital, metabolic and developmental disorders are focused in this area, along with the more common problems of trauma and abuse.

Pediatric radiologists with this Sub-Specialty are specially trained in performing and interpreting these studies in infants and children, with special attention to the unique emotional needs of these patients and their families.

General anesthesia is provided for children who would not be able to lay still enough for the MRI to provide the detail that is needed for imaging children and infants. We utilize the services of Pediatric Anesthesia Consultants, (Denver, CO) who safely care for children, especially babies and toddlers and are best equipped to understand how their bodies work, how they react to medications and anesthesia and how the illnesses they suffer from differ from those in older patients.