Spine MRI at Sky Ridge Medical Center

An MRI of the spine shows the anatomy of the vertebrae that make up the spine, as well as the disks, spinal cord and the spaces between the vertebrae through which nerves pass.

Common uses of Spine MRI

  • Assess the spinal anatomy.
  • Visualize anatomical variations and diseased tissue in the spine.
  • Help plan surgeries on the spine such as decompression of a pinched nerve or spinal fusion.
  • Monitor changes in the spine after an operation, such as scarring or infection.
  • Guide the injection of steroids to relieve spinal pain.
  • Assess the disks - bulging, degenerated or herniated intervertebral disk—a frequent cause of severe lower back pain and sciatica.
  • Evaluate compressed (or pinched) and inflamed nerves.

Explore possible causes in patients with back pain (compression fracture for example).

image spinal infection or tumors that arise in, or have spread to, the spine.