Scrotal Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging of the scrotum provides pictures of the testicles and the surrounding tissues of a man or a boy.

Common Uses of Scrotal Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging of the scrotum is the primary imaging method used to evaluate disorders of the testicles.

This study is typically used in conjunction with Doppler ultrasound to:

  • Determine whether a mass in the scrotum felt by the patient or doctor is cystic or solid.
  • Diagnose results of trauma to the scrotal area.
  • Diagnose causes of testicular pain or swelling such as inflammation or torsion.
  • Evaluate the cause of infertility such as varicocele.
  • Look for the location of undescended testis.
  • Evaluating the epididymis (a tube that collects sperm made by the testicles) and the prostate.
  • Detect an absent or undescended testicle. 
  • Identify testicular torsion, the twisting of the spermatic cord that contains the vessels that supply blood to the scrotum. 
  • Locate and evaluate masses (lumps or tumors) in the scrotum.